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Howl And Hoof specializes in DOG WALKING and DOG SITTING in your home. We're dedicated to giving your dog the quality, professional and above all, loving care it deserves. While you're at work or away, be rest assured that your pampered pet will be walked and given the care needed to get them happily through the day until you return home. Whether your dog is a stroll-along sniffer, or a squirrel chasing athlete, our walking and sitting services are all about keeping your pet happy and balanced. If the weather outside is foul, your pet will experience quality indoor time. We never pack-walk, but can walk 2 or 3 well-socialized dogs at a time if the situation permits.

If you need to go away on vacation or business, we can visit your pet during the day in your home, until you return. Our goal is your pets' happiness and creating a stress-free experience for them. Dogs are social animals and need stimulation to keep them from getting bored. With a daily walk or visit, your pet will have just the right kind of stress relieving attention it needs. You will have a happy and more balanced dog greet you at the end of your workday or vacation.

So instead of leaving your dog in a kennel when you go away, why not let us watch after him/her in your own home where it is familiar with the surroundings. We know how important it is for you to know that your dog is well taken care of. Your dog will be treated like one of our own, and will receive all the love, kindness, and affection he or she is used to.

Special-needs pets are always considered with care. Schedules do fill up, so please book in advance. We will treat your dog as an individual in creating a customized care-service to ensure a happy and well-balanced pet.

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